About Us

Energy Athletics Worcester is a 14,000 square-foot indoor multi-sport athletic training complex located at 243 Stafford Street in Worcester.

We are located directly across Worcester Academies New Balance Fields Complex, in the back of the Bulbs.com Office and Fencing Club Building.


We Feature:

  • 100' x 60' x 25' High Caged, Fenced, & Netted Turf Field which acts as an Arena for multi-sport use!

    • (Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball, Lacrosse, & More)

  • Four 70' x 15' x 18' High - Hitting Tunnels - Equipped with Turf/Clay Mounds, Padded L-Screens, Baseballs, & Many Training Equipment Pieces!

  • Two 50' x 20' x 25' - Baseball Fielding/Softball Hitting Tunnels 

  • Recently Expanded 4,000 Square-Foot Athletic Training Gym Modeled after the Best Baseball Training Gyms in the Country!

  • Energy Nutrition: Delicious Protein Shakes, Metabolism Teas, & Weight Management/Meal Replacement Items! 

  • Players Club House Multi-Purpose Room - Film, Homework, Birthday Party Room, & More!

Meet The Team

Ryan Petrone

President of Energy Athletics

Energy Baseball: General Manager

11u Energy Baseball Head Coach

Director of Business Development

DJ Reed

President of Baseball Operations

Energy Baseball Program Director

Director of Strength & Conditioning

10u Energy Baseball Head Coach

Fitchburg State University Asst. Head Coach 

Contact Us

243 Stafford St.

Worcester, MA 01603




Energy Nutrition Hours First

Energy Athletics Hours Second

Monday - Friday: 2:00pm-8pm/9:30pm

Saturday: 10am-3:00pm/9pm

Sunday: 10am-3:00pm/9pm


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