Birthday Parties!

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Booking your special day is easy!

Please contact us @ 

to inquire!

All Birthday Parties Require a $100 Non-Refundable Deposit at the Time of Booking

(Pricing is for up to 12 Children)

Cost per additional child: 


Parties occur on Friday Nights/School Vacation Weeks/Minor Holidays/Open Weekends Only 

All Parties Include:

  1. One Party Coordinator for First 12 Kids

  2. Two or More Slices of Cheese Pizza Per Child (Little Caesars Pizza)

  3. One Gatorade or Water Per Child

  4. Time on Turf Field: 90 minutes

  5. Time in Party Area: 30 minutes

  6. Paper Plates, Napkins, & Trash is Supplied

Required Add-Ons:

(In addition to added child fee)

0-12 kids = 1 Party Coordinator

12-14 kids = $15 per child

15-22 kids = 2 Party Coordinators (Additional $40 + $15 per child)

22+ kids = 3 Party Coordinators (Additional $80 + $15 per child)

Optional Add-Ons:

Pizza & Party T-Shirts: Must be Ordered at Time of Party Booking

Party must be Paid In Full Prior to Booking

We DO NOT Allow Outside Food & Drinks to be Served @ Our Facility.... Excluding Cake/Dessert. 


We Use Little Caesars in Worcester as our Food Service Provider. If you would like a different option than pizza, arrangements can be made during the party planning phase!

  1. Additional Hour on Turf Field = $100

  2. Each Additional Little Caesars Pizza = $10 Each (Covers Delivery)

  3. Gatorades = $2 each (Vending Machine)

  4. Waters = $1 each (Vending Machine)

  5. Protein Shakes for Each Person = $8 each

  6. Mega Teas for Each Person = $8 each

  7. Party T-Shirts for Each Person = $20 each

T-Shirts Must Be Ordered 2 Weeks Prior to the Day of the Event!

When Do Birthday Parties Occur?!

Friday Nights & Weekends Only: October - May

Any Day/Night: May-October

2 Hour Sport Party!

90 Minutes on Field!

Wiffleball, Flag Football, Soccer, Kickball, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Lawn Games, & More! 

Ages 5+

Energy Player Pricing

Base Price = $250

Energy Member


Non-Member Pricing

Base Price = $275