There are three levels at Energy Athletics which enables us to create our semi-exclusive facility.

  1. Non-Energy Members

  2. Energy Members

  3. Energy Baseball Players

Each level above has different perks & access to facility amenities.


Energy Member or Not,

Everyone who steps foot on our turf  or in Voltage Performance Training MUST sign a waiver releasing ALL accident liability.

To become an Energy Member a yearly fee of $15 is required per person, whether you are a child or adult, the memberships last 12 months from date of purchase.

Below is all the Information Regarding our Policy:

  • Non-Energy Members can ONLY purchase the following:

    • Group Turf Rentals (Must be at least half or full field for 1 hour)

    • Group Cage Rentals (Must be 2 cages for 1 hour or 1 cage for 2 hours) 

    • All Birthday Parties 

    • Energy Athletics Vacation Camps

    • Energy Athletics Special Events

  • Energy Members have access to Everything Energy Athletics:

    • Everything Above ^

    • Energy Baseball Clinics

    • Single Use 30-60 Minute Cage Rentals

    • Yearly Cage Rental Memberships 

    • Anything Voltage Performance Training 

    • All Private Lessons 

    • All Strength & Conditioning Classes 

    • All Speed & Agility Classes

    • Priority Booking!

    • Summed Up ... (Access to Everything We Offer!)

  • Energy Baseball Families Receive...

    • Discounts on nearly Everything Energy Athletics​!

    • Excluding: Equipment, Apparel, Refreshments, Special Events​, Turf Field Rentals, Group Rentals.

    • Priority Booking for Lessons/Rentals/Special Events + More!

To Become A Member: