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November 2020

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Private Baseball & Softball Lessons

Booking one or multiple pitching, hitting, or fielding lessons is easy! Simply click on the "book now" link below and be redirected to our booking website where you can reserve a lesson & pay online.


*REMEMBER You must be or become a member to book lessons.

*Memberships last for 12 months and are just $20!

Only Families of Energy Baseball or Softball can receive Energy Player Pricing.

Only Energy Members can purchase Private Baseball & Softball Lessons,

Please CLICK HERE to learn about the perks of being an Energy Member!


30 Minute

Private Hitting, Pitching, Fielding & Catching

Baseball Lessons

Energy Player Pricing


Energy Member Pricing



30 Minute

Private Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, & Catching

 Softball Lessons

Energy Player 



energy Member Pricing